MyTM Corporate

Empowering Seamless Cashless Transactions for Merchants

Our Features

Partner with MYPAY and leverage powerful features to enhance your business's cashless payment acceptance capabilities. Experience the ease of accepting payments through multiple channels, gain valuable insights through advanced reporting mechanisms, and simplify your invoicing processes. Our user-friendly sign-up process and easy-to-use payment checkout page ensure a seamless experience for merchants and customers alike.

Bank Transfer

Effortlessly process bank transfers through our payment gateway system, providing customers with a convenient and secure way to make payments directly from their bank accounts.

Mobile Transfer

Enable mobile payment transfers, allowing customers to conveniently and instantly transfer funds using their mobile devices.

QR Payment

Leverage the power of QR codes to facilitate quick and contactless payments, making transactions smooth and secure for both merchants and customers.

Payment Pull

Allow merchants to initiate payment requests, providing a hassle-free way for customers to authorize and complete transactions.

OTC Payments

Accept over-the-counter payments, catering to customers who prefer in-person transactions and ensuring flexibility in payment acceptance.

Same Day Clearance

Experience fast and efficient payment clearance with our system, ensuring that funds are processed and available for merchants on the same day.

International Transactions

Expand your business reach by processing international transactions, allowing merchants to tap into a global customer base and accept payments from around the world.

Debit / Credit Card Acceptance

Accept a wide range of debit and credit cards, providing customers with flexibility in payment options and expanding your customer base.

Card Payment Acceptance

Support major card networks including Visa, MasterCard, PayPak, and UnionPay, ensuring that merchants can accept payments from a diverse range of cardholders.

Corporate Dashboard

Access a comprehensive corporate dashboard that provides merchants with a centralized view of their sales, payment collections, and transaction history, enabling better monitoring and control of their financial activities.

Disbursement & Collection

Streamline disbursement and collection processes with our payment gateway system, simplifying financial operations and ensuring timely and accurate payment settlements.